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Do you have an installation or product with problems?  We can troubleshoot a variety of devices.  We are also experts in X-10 technology and have the equipment and expertise to diagnose and solve X-10 problems quickly.

Do you have a device that you would like to use but it lacks an auxiliary input for control by a switch?  Call us.  We may be able to add a 1/8" jack so it can be operated from any assistive technology switch.


Assistive Technology

We use our knowledge of home automation technology and adaptive equipment in order to design and implement robust and cost effective solutions that allow people with disabilities to be more independent.

Our solutions can be hardware only, software only, or a combination of both. 

Some of our solutions use a computer, while others do not. 

Some solutions are very simple, such as 2 jelly bean switches used to control the TV channel (up and down).  While other solutions are full-featured, allowing the user to control everything in the home.

Our CAT-Solo product is a very powerful Environmental Control Unit that gives total control over everything in the home.


Imagine controlling your entire home with a hand-held remote, sip & puff switch, your voice, jelly bean switch, foot switch, head mouse, or almost any other method you can think of.  View a complete system interface on your TV screen or monitor.  Change the thermostat temperature setpoint.  Have the name and number of callers appear on your TV or be spoken to you.  Arm and disarm the security system and check the status of each zone.  Unlock and/or open a door.  View the status of the garage door and open or close it.  Turn lights, appliances and fans on and off.  Dim and brighten the lights.  Control all of your audio/video equipment (volume, channel, play, pause, stop, etc.).  Open and close window blinds and curtains.  See and talk to visitors at the front door without going to the door.  And so much more. 

All of the above actions can be performed manually by the user, or programmed to occur automatically based on an event.  An event can be a specific date and/or time, motion in a room, the doorbell, an incoming phone call, a door/window being opened or closed, a pressure mat, temperature too hot or cold, a security system alarm, water detected, and more. 

CAT-Solo, our Environmental Control Unit (ECU), makes all of this possible. 

CAT-Solo is a stand-alone automation controller that is initially configured from a PC.  The PC can then be disconnected if desired, or left connected to add additional features, such as voice recognition or a “point and click” user interface. 

User Interface

CAT-Solo generates a video menu that can be displayed on a TV or monitor.  Using the input device of your choice (sip & puff switch, buttons, joystick, etc.) the user can easily navigate the menu system and perform any action desired.   

Text Box: Main Menu
  Common Tasks
> Lighting
  Main Menu
Text Box: Lighting
  Family Room
> Bedroom
  Front Door
  Main Menu







Alternatively, if a computer is the user’s input method of choice, a program can be run on a PC that provides a point and click interface, or voice recognition.

Multiple types of input devices can be used and they can be located throughout the home. 

Automatic Control

CAT-Solo can be programmed to control various devices automatically based on events in the home.  For example, lights can be turned on automatically as the user enters a room.


CAT-Solo has the ability to create scenes.  A scene is a group of actions that are all performed in response to a single command.  For example, a Bed Mode scene can be executed from one menu choice or button that causes the lights to turn off, the security system to arm in night mode, and the TV to turn off. 

Time/Date Scheduling

The real-time clock in CAT-Solo automatically adjusts for leap years and daylight savings time.  It also calculates the sunrise and sunset times for each day.  This makes it very easy to program actions that are automatically executed at certain times, on certain days, or when it gets light or dark.  Not only can the lights turn on at dusk and off at dawn, but the TV can be turned on and set to the desired channel based on the day of the week and time of day in order for the user to view her favorite TV shows without ever doing anything. 


See a DEMO of CAT-Solo



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Want to use your iPad or iPhone or iPod to control all of your A/V equipment and more?  No problem!.  Call or email us for details.
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  Custom Software
We can write custom software applications to assist in a variety of Assistive Technology applications.

Try our online demo of CAT-Solo and see how easy it is to control your environment using a video menu and either 2 or 4 switch inputs.
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