CAT-Solo Demonstration

The heart of CAT-Solo is its video user interface.  A video menu system is programmed to match the devices that can be controlled in the user's home.  With a minimum of 2 inputs, the user can navigate this menu system and control any of the devices.  The video menu can be displayed in several locations in the home, allowing access to the system from multiple locations. 

CAT-Solo can be connected to a dedicated TV or monitor, or to an existing TV.  When using an existing TV, CAT-Solo is installed between the cable box and TV, or between the VCR and TV.  This allows the TV to be used for its normal purpose, and to display the video menu system when activated by the user.  CAT-Solo can even display messages, such as reminders or caller ID information, right on the screen on top of whatever TV show is being watched.

CAT-Solo does not require a PC.  However, for those users who already have a PC interface with the ability toBasic generic client screen "point and click" with a mouse, A PC can also be used as the user interface.  The PC interface can be made to look like the video menu system, but is typically designed as pages of buttons as shown here (click for larger view, colors can be customized).  Both the video menu system and the PC interface can be used at the same time.  For example, the video menu could be used in one room and the PC interface in another room. 

Voice recognition is another option for control of the system if a PC is used.

If you have a different user interface requirement, we can almost certainly implement it.  Call us in order to discuss your specific needs.

This demonstration provides 2 different user interfaces to the video menu system.  The "Sip & Puff" interface simulates using a Sip & Puff device to control the menu system.  But, any 2 switches or buttons could be used to provide the same functionality. 

The "4 Buttons" interface simulates using 4 buttons or switches (or any combination of switches and buttons) to control the menu system.

The help window below will help you get started and will explain what each menu option is going to do.  Internet Explorer version 5.5 or later, and a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768, is recommended for best viewing.


Video menu:   Status:


Kitchen light

Family room
Family room light

Bedroom light

Bathroom light

Front door
Front door coach light

Hall light

Basement light



TV Volume


Front door

Front door









Fan Mode

Menu navigation:


  scroll up   Choose your interface. 

These are just 2 examples of many possible options that could be used to control the menu system.

The "Sip & Puff" interface could also be any 2 buttons or switches.

We customize each user interface to match the capabilities of the user.


main menu



    scroll down    

Sip & Puff interface

4 Button interface


(puff to navigate, sip to select)

(left for main menu, right to select, up/down to navigate)