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Our configuration services cover all the setup required for each component in the installation to function as desired.  Home Automation and Environmental Control Units need to be programmed in order to perform the desired actions.  Telephone systems, networks and security systems need to be configured.  And so on.

Many times our installations include the ability for remote configuration.  Although many common features can be changed by the homeowner, there are always some advanced functions that require technical expertise in that product in order to configure, change, or customize.  Remote configuration allows us to make changes without being on-site.  This gets you quicker results, and saves you money too.

We can also configure systems that you "inherited" by moving into a new home or office. 





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Want to use your iPad or iPhone or iPod to control all of your A/V equipment and more?  No problem!.  Call or email us for details.
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Assistive Technology

Take control of your environment.  Use your voice, sip & puff switch, head mouse, buttons, or any other input device to control anything in the home.
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