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Do you have an installation or product with problems?  We can troubleshoot a variety of devices.  We are also experts in X-10 technology and have the equipment and expertise to diagnose and solve X-10 problems quickly.

Do you have a device that you would like to use but it lacks an auxiliary input for control by a switch?  Call us.  We may be able to add a 1/8" jack so it can be operated from any assistive technology switch.



Curt has Cerebral Palsy.  He lives with his friend Tim, who also has Cerebral Palsy.  Curt is not able to use the handheld remotes that control the TV, cable box, VCR, and DVD player.  He also is not able to operate some of the lamps and lights in the house.  Curt relies on Tim for these tasks.  Curt would like to be able to control his audio/video equipment and lights by himself.

The Solution

Custom Automation Technologies, Inc. installed a CAT-Solo system.  The system is configured to control the TV, cable box, VCR, DVD player, and 5 lights.  The system was provided by Creative Housing Inc.

CAT-Solo supports a variety of user interfaces.  The interface that works best for Curt is one that provides 4 buttons for input and a video menu.  The video menu consists of several pages, each with about 10 actions to perform.  Curt uses the first button to select the desired page.  The second and third buttons are used to move the cursor up and down in order to select the desired action on the page.  The fourth button is used to tell CAT-Solo to perform the selected action.  A demonstration of how this works can be seen here.

Since Curt's arm and hand movements can be jerky, sometimes causing a button to be pressed more than once, special programming was implemented so that multiple button presses in quick succession are ignored. 

For the first time, Curt is able to control his A/V equipment and lights on his own!




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Want to use your iPad or iPhone or iPod to control all of your A/V equipment and more?  No problem!.  Call or email us for details.
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  Custom Software
We can write custom software applications to assist in a variety of Assistive Technology applications.

Try our online demo of CAT-Solo and see how easy it is to control your environment using a video menu and either 2 or 4 switch inputs.
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