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Do you have an installation or product with problems?  We can troubleshoot a variety of devices.  We are also experts in X-10 technology and have the equipment and expertise to diagnose and solve X-10 problems quickly.

Do you have a device that you would like to use but it lacks an auxiliary input for control by a switch?  Call us.  We may be able to add a 1/8" jack so it can be operated from any assistive technology switch.



David is 86 and in a manual wheelchair.  His right leg has been amputated below the knee.  He lives by himself in a ranch house.  He has health care workers visiting daily.  He is quite mobile and still drives on occasion. 

However, it takes him at least 5 minutes to get out of bed.  This single limitation is what prompted David to call Custom Automation Technologies, Inc. 

David told us that if he is in bed when the doorbell rings that he never knows who rang the doorbell since no one will wait around for 5 minutes.  All visitors think he is not home and just leave.  What David said would solve this problem is if he could talk to the visitor at the front door from his bed. 

The Solution

Custom Automation Technologies, Inc. installed a Doorbell Fon system and electric door strike.  This system rings all phones with a distinctive ring when the doorbell button is pressed.  David has a phone by his bed so he just answers the phone to talk to the visitor.  If he wants to let the visitor in, David presses the '*' key on the phone and door is unlocked.  David usually has a cordless phone with him in his wheelchair.  This means that he can talk to the visitor and unlock the door from his wheelchair, no matter where he is in the house.

The system supports call waiting, so if David is talking on the phone and the doorbell rings, he hears a beep and can then press the FLASH button on the phone, talk to the visitor (and unlock the door if desired), then press FLASH again to return to his phone call. 

A UPS was installed so that the entire system (doorbell, phones ringing, and electric strike) will still work in the event of a power failure. 

The electric strike installed is not the standard strike used for a doorknob latch.  David's strike works on the deadbolt.  This allows David to have the added security of a deadbolt lock. 

The manual deadbolt knob on the inside of the door is still functional.  This allows for normal, manual operation of the door, just as it was operated before the system was installed. 

Finally, a Push-to-Exit button was installed on the inside wall next to the front door.  This allows someone, a health care worker for example, to let themselves out and have the deadbolt lock when they close the door.




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We can write custom software applications to assist in a variety of Assistive Technology applications.

Try our online demo of CAT-Solo and see how easy it is to control your environment using a video menu and either 2 or 4 switch inputs.
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