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Scene Lighting

Scene lighting control allows for one or more lights to be controlled together and set to predetermined levels.  The levels can be ON, OFF, or anywhere in between.  The group of lights can be in 1 room, multiple rooms, or the entire house.

Read Dan's "Lighting Benefits" editorial.

Scenes can be used to set a mood, such as for watching a movie, having a party, or a romantic dinner for two.  Scenes can also be used for convenience, security and energy savings.  For example, a scene can illuminate a pathway of light from the master bedroom to the kitchen, flash lights if the security system goes into alarm, or turn all the lights off on a specific floor.

A scene lighting control system can also control natural light by integrating the system with motorized window treatments. 

Home theaters benefit from a scene lighting control system since 1 command can adjust the lighting, lower the screen, turn on the projector, turn on the amplifier, set the source to the DVD player, and begin playing the movie. 

Scene lighting systems can also get rid of multi-gang wall switch boxes in many rooms.  A single keypad fits into a 1-gang box and can have from 1 to 9 buttons.

We have solutions for both new construction and existing homes - LiteTouch, HAI HLC, Lutron RadioRA, AMX, Leviton, Centralite, ALC, Lightolier, PCS PulseWorx, ZWave, UPB and more.

UPB - ZWave - LiteTouch

Centralite - Lutron RadioRA - Vantage




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Want to use your iPad or iPhone or iPod to control all of your A/V equipment and more?  No problem!.  Call or email us for details.
iPad control home screen


Satellite control

Read our short article in Builder /Architect Magazine on lighting control.
  Whole-house audio
Listen to music throughout your home.  Listen to the same music everywhere, or choose something different in each room.

Assistive Technology

Take control of your environment.  Use your voice, sip & puff switch, head mouse, buttons, or any other input device to control anything in the home.
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