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Structured Wiring

Structured wiring refers to the wiring infrastructure in your home.  A good wiring infrastructure is essential in a new home so that you can easily use current technology, as well as any new technology that becomes available. 

Structured wiring is used to distribute signals such as cable, phone, network, infrared, satellite, audio, and video around the home.

A structured wiring panel, shown at the right, is one way to organize all the wires that are in your house. 

Structured wiring provides outlets, or jacks, in various rooms throughout the home for easy connection to phone, networking, cable, and other services. 

With the proper wiring, you can...

  • Watch the family room DVD on any TV in the home
  • View the front door camera or the nursery camera on any TV or PC in the home
  • Connect a phone, modem or caller ID device in any room
  • Control your audio/video components from any room
  • Listen to music in different rooms
  • Put a computer or video game console on the network

What about wireless?

There are many wireless products available today, and more being released every day.  Wireless networks are probably the farthest along with respect to being able to replace their wired counterparts.  In most homes, it is possible to have a completely wireless network. 

Wireless network speeds now rival the speed of wired networks.  If all you do is access the Internet for web pages and email, use instant messaging, and print to a network printer, any of the WI-FI (802.11x) networks are probably fast enough.  Where the maximum speed of a wired network can be useful is if you use your network for audio, video, or large file transfers. 

Cordless phones have been around for a long time.  In many instances you can even use a multi-handset capable system in order to place phones in all the key areas of the home.  But, also consider how you will connect a modem or fax machine if needed.  It is still wise to have wired telephone jacks in key locations.

Finally, the more wireless devices that are in your home, the greater the chance that they will interfere with one another. 

We recommend starting with a wired solution for everything.  Then, look at cost, your lifestyle, what you think you might do in the future, resale value, and budget and decide how much and what type of structured wiring you need. 

Call us and we will be happy to sort out all the buzz words, listen to your needs, and come up with a solution that is right for you.





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Want to use your iPad or iPhone or iPod to control all of your A/V equipment and more?  No problem!.  Call or email us for details.
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Satellite control

  Whole-house audio
Listen to music throughout your home.  Listen to the same music everywhere, or choose something different in each room.

Assistive Technology

Take control of your environment.  Use your voice, sip & puff switch, head mouse, buttons, or any other input device to control anything in the home.

Use scene lighting to instantly set the mood in a room or area of the house.  Use automated lighting to add convenience and security.


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