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Whole-House Audio

Russound - NuVo - Niles - Bose - SONOS - Others

NO WIRES - NO PROBLEM!  Let us do a demo of a wireless SONOS system in your house and show you how easy it is to add music ANYWHERE, even outside, without cutting up your walls.

Whole-house audio systems let you listen to music throughout your home and even outside.  These systems come in a variety of configurations, but are categorized into 2 types:

  1. Single-source
  2. Multi-source


These types of systems play the same music in all rooms.  There is 1 amplifier that is sending music to all rooms, so whatever source is selected on the amplifier is what is heard in each room.  Thus the name "single-source". 


These types of systems have the ability to play different music in each room.  There is 1 amplifier for each room, so each room can select to hear any of the sources.  Thus the name "multi-source". 


There are many, many ways to accomplish whole-house audio.  Some are simple and some are complex.  Some use all of your existing components, while others use their own components.  Functionality in each room can range from none, to volume only, to being able to control everything (next track, next CD, play, stop, source selection, radio station selection, etc.).

We have solutions that support music on a hard drive, iPod, iTunes, Internet radio, Pandora, Rhapsody, Sirius, XM, CD, AM/FM, and any other source you may have.

Which one do I need?

This is a tough question.  Only you can answer it.  It depends on your lifestyle and how you intend to listen to music.  Aesthetics may be important and so you may choose  a system just because the user controls fit best with your decor.   Many times it simply comes down to budget.  Call us and we can help you decide.

Single-source vs. multi-source
If there are only 2 people living in the house then ask yourselves if you ever want to listen to different music.  Decide in which rooms you want to have music.  If the rooms are all close to each other and sound easily travels from one room to the other, such as with a kitchen, family room, dining room and living room, then a single-source system is probably enough.   However, if you are going to have music on the back patio, the basement, garage and master bedroom, then maybe you would prefer a multi-source system. 

Simple vs. Feature-rich
How do you intend to interact with the system?  Do you only need to control the volume in each room?  Do you also want to control some of the source equipment's functions from each room?  If so, which functions and will you do it from a handheld remote, or a wall-mounted keypad? 

Where do I want speakers?

Again, this is a question that only you can answer.  But, here are some things to think about and some suggestions.

  • Where are you when you want to listen to music?
  • What are you doing when you want to listen to music?
  • Do you entertain?

Here are some common rooms/areas to locate speakers.

  • Kitchen
  • Great room
  • Dining room
  • Living room
  • Master bedroom
  • Master bath
  • Basement/Rec room
  • Bonus room
  • Office/Den
  • Guest room
  • Garage/Driveway
  • Outdoor patio

Children's rooms are not usually included in the whole-house audio system.  This is because most kids have their own stereo and want to listen to their own music.  However, it is possible to install whole-house audio speakers in a child's bedroom and provide an interface (wall jack and/or switch box) that lets the child use the speakers with their own stereo.  This allows the child to choose between a source that is part of the whole-house audio system, or use the stereo in their room.





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Use scene lighting to instantly set the mood in a room or area of the house.  Use automated lighting to add convenience and security.

Assistive Technology

Take control of your environment.  Use your voice, sip & puff switch, head mouse, buttons, or any other input device to control anything in the home.
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