Audio Video Columbus Ohio | is it time to get an upgrade?

Custom Automation Technologies is at the absolute forefront when it comes to customer service and taking care of you and your family’s technological needs weather is putting in a brand-new home entertainment center with all the different options of video and audio. Audio Video Columbus Ohio putting in new technologies allow voice activation, or even just putting in a top-of-the-line security system to ensure everyone is safe Custom Automation Technologies is the absolute company for you in making sure that everything is perfect for you and your family. We promise you that if you come to us you’ll be a completely satisfied with your service and will do everything take care of you.

Custom Automation Technologies is one of the leaders in the industry of Audio Video Columbus Ohio. Will come in and completely redo your entire home entertainment center to make sure that your home feels like the movies. Our new TVs and projectors are able to put it in an amazing screen and resolution in your room no matter the size or what you’re wanting to accomplish. On top of that we have a new amazing sound system so different options in the actual performance of the systems and surroundsound options such as putting speakers in the walls and ceilings to enhance your options. When it comes your home entertainment center we promise it will make it the absolute best to make sure that all your goals and dreams are accomplished when working with us.

Custom Automation Technologies amazing company with Audio Video Columbus Ohio, but they also excel in new technologies such as voice-activated programs these programs lightest are binge watching your new show on Netflix why just saying exactly what you want your TV to do. On top of that you can also turn out the lights in the hallway kid goes asleep, or even turn them on the backyard of their playing outside at night. Other functions include being able to adjust the thermostat or even just turning on the washer. Also includes our home entertainment center we make sure that everything is put into one easy-to-use remote for you and your family to be able to access everything that you need to do.

Custom automation technologies also in the forefront security make each of you and your families completely safe at all times we have motion detector lights for your backyard make sure intruders don’t feel safe coming up to your home if they’re trying to rob you, and also the ability to have fire alarm systems to go off there’s a problem in the home. Whenever you have problems at night with odorless gases when you are sleeping that could actually potentially harm your family we have the ability to warn you of those as well. It comes a security we make sure that we are the top of line to make sure that you and your family are safe at all times the you never have a worry in the world. If you come to us we promise that you and your family will be as safe as possible in your home, and that your are constantly being monitored.

If you’d like to contact us you look at her website at or give us phone call it art number of 614-939–4228

Audio Video Columbus Ohio | let’s get that new entertainment system put in?

Custom Automation Technologies is an absolute must whenever it comes putting in a brand-new entertainment system in your home. Audio Video Columbus Ohio Where able to help push you to the next level and make sure that you have the absolute top tier equipment in your home for exactly the need that you want to have met. Everything that you do will be monitored by asked to make sure that you are happy with your service. If you’re looking everything put in we promise were the ones to do it.

Custom Automation Technologies is one of the best at Audio Video Columbus Ohio, and we always aim to prove it with our results. We have people come into your home we look at how everything is set up in what you want to have accomplish will put in TVs speakers surround sound systems or any other technological advice you’d want for your entertainment center for you’d make sure that is maximized and capitalized with everything that has to offer. Everybody’s come over your home for the big game you nurse sure that they’re going to be jealous of how amazing everything is set up.

Custom Automation Technologies really good at Audio Video Columbus Ohio, but we’re also really get anything so we have going on as well such as voice technology. Voice technology enables you to do many things you do in your everyday life, but actually be able to do it from the couch. Was technology enables you to turn on your TV shows without having to lift a single remote or even change the thermostat in the house that having to get up and go to it. Voice technology is an amazing new innovation that everyone in America is using and you don’t want to be left behind. Let us help you out with putting in your new voice-activated system in your home.

Custom Automation Technologies also really diligent when it comes your security system we put in your home because your families the most important thing in life. Your your families the absolute amazing thing you could ever have and we want to make sure that we are putting them in good hands. It doesn’t matter if it’s a fire alarm that can go off in the middle of the night or carbon monoxide for an odorless gas that is going on in your home that could cause harm. Our security systems are top-of-the-line and will make sure that your family is safe at the end of the day. We also have theft prevention with locks that can be remotely activated and you can even manager security systems are away on vacation any time from any device connected to the Internet. If you’re trying to make sure your family is safe is no other place to look other than Custom Automation Technologies we promise I’ll take care of you and your family at all times.

If you’d like to contact us you can reach us at her website at custom automation’s website or you can even cost by phone if you would like at 614-939–4228 we promise will be there to help you if you need help.