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Here at custom automation technologies you to get to know us better. The learned to do that will tell you our history and all about our CEO Dan Hoehnen is an extremely amazing person to work with. If you ever have any kind of installation service from our company at custom automation technologies do not hesitate to get in contact with Dan because he will love to be a part of your installation service. Dan started out in the engineering and installation service. A young age. Before starting custom automation technologies for his customers he worked at a local engineering company for over 16 years where you learned a lot of teambuilding and leadership and management skills.

Dans fascination with the newest technology and automation systems of today all started whenever he was a young age. As a team he worked on many projects in his own home including setting up a garage door for his closet insurance! We take that kind of creativity and experimental value from Dan and made into a whole new company for new technology for your automation and home theater Columbus Ohio installation services needs. Dan holds a lot of education intellectual engineering including a BS from the Ohio State University. Dan has worked on many homes and has been doing so even back from 1989 to present. Putting out where you are really good hands when it comes to automation technology and home theater Columbus Ohio does.

Dans Granholm includes a lot of the technology that we helped install for our clients. Custom automation technologies regular installs several different kind of services that clients are in need of. Be it music speaker systems where we set up all kinds of speakers throughout the home and even in the outside of the home for the backyard when it comes to parties or backyard get-togethers, do not worry we can help you with all kinds of installation services. We can even help you with blind and shade services as well. So you can control the amount of light that comes in your home all with your voice using our automation technology insulation system. Make your home the future.

Dan loves all kinds of installation system and he also has many of these in his home as well. He has automation systems in his home and also has his own personal home theater Columbus Ohio as well! So believe us whenever we talk about home theaters we know we are doing. We can help you with designing any kind of home theater that you need at any cost we can help you with the budget as well. So don’t worry about spending we can help you. Dan has a large family and keeps in contact with his customers all the time so after our installation service don’t hesitate to become friends with us! We love the Columbus community as we went here for all of our lives and know it as our home. Dan has five children and his loving wife also helps him when it comes to technology services.

So if you want to become a part of the custom automation technologies family do not hesitate in contact with us today because our history is a testament to how well we work with customers. So let us help you with your home theater Columbus Ohio installation service and we can get you a consultation today. Please call us at 614-939-4228 or visit our website to receive more information about services at customautomationtech.com

Home theater Columbus Ohio | talk to your TV

This content was written for custom automation technologies

Are you building a new home and are wondering what you should install for your technology services? Are you wondering what is available and what kind of technology there is out today which many would find unbelievable? Do you want your home to be like a sci-fi film from the future? Do not hesitate to call us and schedule a free consultation because we want to be the company that you go to for custom automation technologies. So if you want to be able to talk to your TV or for your home to turn up your music or even to lower the blinds then we would love to help you turn your home into the house of the future. But using voice control we can make completely new.

If you want to use your voice that is no problem for us here at custom automation technologies. You can also set up your automation services to control your home theater Columbus Ohio which we can also install for you. So your home automation system can use all of your different services and integrate all kinds of different things in your home. We can help you control everything in your home just with your voice like your lighting, shades, audio, video, pool temperature controls, thermostat controls, garage door controls, gates, logs, cameras and security, and much much more so do not worry if you have any questions do not hesitate to get in contact with us because we want you to be able to control everything even without the touch of a button.

But can also help you use our universal remote control to do a number of different things like control all of the above listed services and systems that we provide. So if you want press one button when you go to bed that turns off all of your lights on all floors of your home arms the security system and set the alarms to shoo away the burglars at night and do not worry we can help. You can even talk to your homes automation technologies system and tell your whole home to “go to bed” which can set up all of your systems for the nighttime and make sure that your family is protected and safe at night. We want your home to be a security fortress as well as an entertainment hub for all of your friends and families.

But can also set up automated text messages which warns you through your smartphone about security warnings for example if your garage door is opened too long after a certain time of day and we can make sure that all of your systems are security ready. Want to make sure that your family safe just as well as our families so that’s why we use our security services systems and installations on our own homes because we know that’s how good the are. We trust them to protect our families at all times as well as yours. So do not worry we can help you anytime with your security and automation technology service systems.

If you want to be able to talk to your home as you are on a sci-fi movie and do not worry we can get in contact with you where you can call us at our Columbus Ohio phone number office at 614-939-4228 or even visit our website to check out all of our services photo gallery about us and even our testimonials as well as contacting us and sending us a message through our website about your personal project. We want to be there to help you with any service so do not worry. We got you.