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Are you in need of a good surround sound system in your home? Well with custom automation technologies we are here to help your home become the entertainment hub for your family and friends. We all enjoy music and it also brings everyone together in groups and helps people bond. It also helps time go by and brings back good memories for us all to remember. It makes us happy that’s the thing we want to help you with a good surround sound system so we can make you happy by installing a new way of listening to music in your home.

We want you to play music in multiple rooms or even each room play something different. We want your home to be an entertainment hub. And we want you to feel completely comfortable with everything you have in your home and all the technology is seamless and completely stress-free. That is why we offer a wide variety of different speakers that can help you with your music listening needs. You want to listen to a podcast? Or you want to listen to an audiobook? Do not worry headphones needed you can just walk around your home cook dinner or even listen to music before bed all without even having to touch a button. With our custom automation technology system we can help you with everything. Just by using your voice you can command your music to be in every room simultaneously. Imagine using a Amazon Alexa, or a echo dot what you have Siri playing music for you all throughout your speakers in your home. This is the future we want to make this dream a reality for you.

We want you to use your tablet or smart phone to select the rooms in your home to play music and even to control the volume in each room. We want to help you in any way possible and we can also install touchscreens in different locations all throughout your home for an awesome user interface which can help you seamlessly pink music on the go all throughout your home. We want music be at your fingertips at all times. We would like to also upgrade your system if you have an older home audio system as well. We can help you with the ability to play the latest streaming services and make your music listening experience better than it ever was before. We also want you to be able to have a home theater Columbus Ohio for your Netflix streaming services or moviegoing experience as well.

We also want to inform you little bit about our audio systems and equipment. You can play music from your phone or any device that your computer and use any streaming service to your liking. There are several different stream services such as Pandora’s bona fide or Apple music and we would love for you to be able to use any of these all throughout your home. That is why we offer a wide variety of speakers they come in all shapes, sizes and colors. We can also install speakers that are out of the way and completely invisible. We can install indoor and outdoor speakers as well if you want to play music outside during a family gathering or party.

So if you want the power to play music just with your voice do not worry we can help. We want you to contact us anytime for a consultation for your music needs for your home theater Columbus Ohio service needs. Please look at all of our services which includes security services and installations as well as our home theater club is Ohio services as said above. So please call us for a consultation at 614-939-4228 work on a website you have any other questions at customautomationtech.com

Home theater Columbus Ohio | tired of cable?

This content was written for custom automation technologies

Are you tired of cable? Do not worry with our home theater comes Ohio installation services we can help you stream Netflix or Hulu or any other kind of service HBO just with the sound of your voice. That’s right with the sound is. With our custom automation technologies we would love to help you make your home a technologically advanced futuristic utopia. You can tell your home theater to play anything to show you want Netflix oriented streaming service just with the sound your voice. We can also give you a universal remote which helps you control every single thing in your home which includes all services. What can services we offer? We offer many different services like security services audio and video services and other kind services as well. To do not hesitate again contact us if you need any technology installation services today.

We have a wide variety of different video distribution systems which allow you to share any kind of video sources amongst all TVs in your home. For example we can play one video or movie in one room and played the same video movie in another room in case you need to walk out of the room just like for example cooking a meal in your kitchen. We can set up your system to include all of your cable, movie servers, and DVR systems and puts you as the master of control using our universal remote. We can set up your Blu-ray player to turn on along with your home theater comes Ohio. So if this sounds amazing and like something you want in your home do not hesitate to contact us. We can also help you with different kind of music streaming services.

What you mean by music services and installations? Well with our music system we can enable you to have several different kind of speakers set up and we can have a wide range of different speaker systems. That weekend set of speakers outside your house for a patio party or backyard get-together for we can install speakers inside with your home theater comes Ohio or even set up centers all over your home. We can help you with all price ranges and they can come in all shapes and sizes and colors or we can make them completely invisible and not settled. Well we have all kinds so do not hesitate to get in contact this so we can talk about your budget and set up a consultation for all of your music listening needs.

We don’t want you to miss any action for the game Saturday and Sunday night. So if you want to be able to walk seamlessly throughout your home and not have to worry about running into caving in order to see the next down or big play and not worry because we can set you up with with control systems with our custom automation to use. With your voice we can make sure that you can watch any show simultaneously in any room. So don’t worry about having to rush to Your nachos or snack in the kitchen and having to run back and spilling your drink because we can help you and set you up.

So do not worry we will help you with any installation service possible do you have a home theater Columbus Ohio service needed? Or do you have good music and speaker service installation needed? Well we can help with all systems even security systems and cameras. So don’t worry getting contact with us today and call our Columbus Ohio office at 614-939-4228 or go to website and learn more about our services and testimonials from our customers at customautomationtech.com