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We provide a number of different technology services installation services that custom automation technologies including home theater Columbus Ohio, home automation services, and even security services. In this article we want to provide you with all the information about our security services. So if you need any kind of security services or new technology automation services or installations that do not hesitate to contact with us today immediately. We want to provide you our customers with the best quality installation service possible we believe that in the central Ohio area that we are the best automation technology, home theater, and security system company out there. So let’s get started and talk about our safety and security systems.

Our security system is designed to give you the peace of mind that your family deserves in their home. They want to make sure that the security system in your home can be fully integrated with your automation system so that you can be notified and In the know at all times in your home without your security service. What does that mean? Well once we installed our security services and integrated with your automation system as well we can manage and monitor the entire security of your home from your cell phone, and check on the security around your home all by asking your homes automation system which is was controlled. So let’s go ahead and talk about our systems that we offer for your security.

We provide a number of security services that can be integrated with your automation system. The number of different security systems would include lighting systems in and outside of the house, which include flashing alarms and all kinds of different security alarms. We want to make sure that robbers can be stopped at any time and weep provide all kinds of different lighting and alarm systems for your home. We can harm your system to night mode which can automatically gear the entire house to be ready for in the extreme case a robbery that. Which we don’t want but we must be prepared for all times. That is why we provide this service, we want to make sure that your family and our family are safe. That is why we use the system in our homes here at custom automation technologies as well.

In night mode this can turn off all of the lights on all floors of your home just by using your voice and can perform security check and turn on the alarms detection systems whenever you go to bed. Whenever you have the automation system is solid we can provide many different kind of indoor motion detectors as well as outdoor motion detectors use for detection purposes for burglars or robbers. We can also harm your home with an away mode which can turn off all of your lights in arm all of your alarms as well enables you to be able to look at all of your security cameras from your phone. We make your home smarter than the robbers!

So if you want to be safe in your home or need any other kind of home theater Columbus Ohio services do not hesitate to get in contact with custom automation technologies. We provide many other services including security services as well as home theater Columbus Ohio services and automation technology. So we want you to go ahead and call us at our office number in Columbus Ohio at 614-939-4228 and also we want you to go online and check out our website and our services page if you have any questions about our company. Our website is customautomationtech.com

Home theater Columbus Ohio | feel secure in your home.

This content was written for custom automation technologies

At custom automation technology we want to provide a number of different services for your home we want to make sure that you are comfortable and safe at all times which is why we provide security services as well as home theater Columbus Ohio and custom automation technology installation services as well. We can help you feel safe in your home and make sure that your family is always secure while you are away. By installing our security services we want to make sure that in the extreme and scary thing is that robbers cannot enter or harm your home in anyway. That is why we provide in our security service a multiple different type of alarms, lighting systems, and cameras. We like to discuss with you all of those service systems including the camera options. So if you are in need of security for your home and what the ability to check up on your family’s well-being at any time through cell phone access do not hesitate in contact with us immediately.

Our camera systems use the most up-to-date cameras and will not use anything other than cameras that provide HD 1080 P or will make sure that we get a custom camera system that you need in your home. Typically our camera systems will have 4 to 16 HD cameras that use color by day and black and white and night with an IR illumination technology. This way we can make sure that your home is protected at all corners. With every camera we provide a recording system that immediately can detect motion. Our recording is done with local DVR/NVR systems and we believe that in order for you to be comfortable with our systems that we make sure that all media is stored. Recordings are kept from two weeks to two months or longer if you wish to specify, and we provide a free app that can be used on any mobile device such as Apple or android and can be viewed live or playback recorded video as well.

There are no monthly charges for this type the system we provide the installation service and nothing more. We want to make sure that our systems are as cost-efficient as possible that is why we don’t provide any kind of subscription service because we want to make sure that you are safe and that you were security system will not go off-line at any point. Do you have an existing premises and that has been needed to be upgraded? Well do not worry because we can install our systems and used your old analog camera system as well. You won’t believe the improvement in picture quality and service after we installed our new cameras.

We what’s provide only the best cameras that is why we have additional features that come available with our translation service. So if you want the ability to view cameras on one or more TVs in the house, pan, tilt, zoom the cameras to any point outsider inside the home to see anything that may go awry then do not hesitate to getting contact with us because we can provide only the best cameras possible for you. If you want any other conservatives such as home theater Columbus Ohio or custom automation technology installation services do not hesitate to contact with us immediately.

So please get in contact with us and if you need any kind of service that we may provide such as our home theater club was Ohio or custom automation technology, or even our security systems with new technology and cameras that are up-to-date and do not hesitate to call us at our clumps Ohio phone number office at 614-939-4228 or visit our website at customaqutomationtech.com