Home Theater Stores Columbus Ohio| Looking for a home theater store?

If you’re looking for a Home Theater Stores Columbus Ohio look no further than Custom Automation Technologies. We are at the absolute forefront of technology when it comes to security systems home entertainment system, home automation, and security systems. We’re at the forefront when it comes to work ethic and due diligence with everything that we do. We have tons of awards from the Better Business Bureau all the way to central authorized dealers. We even have Angie’s list super service award in the year 2008.

Custom Automation Technologies is the place for Home Theater Stores Columbus Ohio. We have amazing employees that can help guide you through whatever questions that you would ever have for your home entertainment needs. If you’re looking for new latest and greatest audio we have amazing selection to look through, and we’ll able to help you reach all of your audio goals. We also have amazing selection of different TVs and other visual projectors to help you out with your entertainment system as well. At the end of the day you can rest your knowing that your entertainment system is going to be absolutely peak performance and what you would like for your front room no matter if it’s getting prepared to watch basketball with your buddies, or if your wife is about to watch her latest ROM com.

Custom Automation Technologies is Home Theater Stores Columbus Ohio for the fact that they also are at the forefront of technology when it comes to voice activation. Custom Automation Technologies gives you the ability to adjust the thermostat when you’re sitting on the couch and don’t want reach for that blanket. It also has the ability to open your garage door for you with the using your voice if you forget your garage door. We also have technology to put every single piece of your home entertainment center home on one easy-to-use remote. Instead of having to sift there for five remotes to be able to watch a show you’re now able to use voice activation or just the one easy-to-use remote that we give you.

Custom Automation Technologies also has your family at the forefront of the mind at all times. We want to make sure that your family is completely safe with our new latest and greatest technology and security systems. If it comes to carbon monoxide detection fire in your home or even intruders we have what you need. Whatever comes to fires happening we have the ability to have your security company call the fire department for you. Or if any intruders are happening we have an alarm that’ll go off for you. On top of helping you with something that’s actually going on we also preventative measures such as floodlights that are motion activated for any intruders want to try and sneak up your house in the middle of the night.

If you’d like to reach us you can contact us at 614-939–4228 for you can reach that her website at https://customautomationtech.com/.

Home Theater Stores Columbus Ohio | find the store for your home entertainment?

Custom Automation Technologies has the ability to help you with all of your technological needs in the home. Home Theater Stores Columbus Ohio It doesn’t matter if it’s starting with the security system to help make your family safer, or if it is even just putting in a brand-new home entertainment center so you and the family entertained on the Friday night. We have the absolute top-notch distinguished staff that will help you build the navigate all the problems he could ever have in helping you with your home technology needs. If you come to us to promise you we will not leave you to dissatisfied.

Custom Automation Technologies is a place for Home Theater Stores Columbus Ohio. If you’re looking to make your neighbors jealous of your new entertainment system put in your house we are the place to go. We have tons of top-of-the-line sound systems TVs projectors and anything else you could ever need to blow your neighbor’s mind. We have the ability to put speakers in your walls and your ceilings and make your surround sound system something that is absolutely stunning. Finding the perfect proper equipment is absolutely difficult sometimes, we have trained professionals are sure to make sure that you buy the proper equipment for your goal specifically. Not only will you get the right equipment, but we will set it up as to be the best possible.

Custom Automation Technologies is a great Home Theater Stores Columbus Ohio, but we are also amazing and security systems. Our security systems are top-of-the-line to make sure you and your family are consistently safe and taken care of. Everything that happens around your house you will know about, and anything that is destructive your property will automatically contact either the fire department or some of these be contacted to help you. You can rest assured knowing that either of you are away on vacation that your stuff is safe, or if you’re sleeping at home and I for your family is safe. Our security systems will give you the peace of mind that you need to go on about your life.

Custom Automation Technologies also the place for new technologies such as voice activation. Voice activation allows you to control most your technology all the harder your voice and not actually having the lifter about. If you watch your new bins where the show on Netflix you’re able to just say to turn on that show and technology will allow your TV to automatically turn on to that show. The other thing that it allows you to do is if you are at work in your kid comes home from school forgetting his house keys you can unlock your house remotely with your voice.

If you would like to contact us you can reach us at our website at https://customautomationtech.com/ or you can reach us in our phone number at 614-939–4228 if you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to call we are definitely the one stop shop for you and your family.