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We here at custom automation technologies we have all of the technology in your home needs for any price available. Once mentioned food custom and cost-efficient equipment only are own company employees use on their homes as well. So we make sure that all of the equipment that you use is completely the best product out there and seamless which can help with productivity and accessibility to all of your technological needs. The second appointment to discuss your home theater or media room projects and we would also like to graduate to free movie tickets! We want you to go to movie and experience what it will be like to have our systems in your home. The movie theater will be exactly however you want it and we can make sure that it is as integrated and personal for you as possible.

We can provide a wide variety of different services even for your security needs as well we can provide cameras which can have live feeds which can go to your phone at any point during the day and if you want to check on anything or lock your doors and make sure that everything is fine you can also use our online app. So do not worry about anything at all when it comes to security or home theater use. Once you know that here at custom automation technologies we hold your needs and wants for your security services and home theater services at the top of our list. The automation that you are well taken care of any point during our services and we will make sure that we will not leave your home until you feel completely safe with our security services.

With our lighting control systems we can make sure that you can use any kind of voice control were remote control which we can help set up which can dim your lights turned off or turn them on without even having to get up and turning on the switch. You can even use voice control to turn on any kind of light fixture that you want and also we can help you set up audio voice recognition and make sure that your voice can turn on anything in the house. We can even help you set up the top home theater Columbus Ohio installation service to work the with controlled turn on your personal home theater at the command of your voice.

Which also provide energy savings and security which we can use lightbulbs which life is extended by ramping lights to a 90 to 95% brightness rather than turning the light fixture on full blast. We can do all kinds of dimming lights and services we can ensure that your energy bill is as low as possible without systems. So our systems can actually help save you money! No kidding! We want you to get in contact with us immediately if you have any questions about our top home theater Columbus Ohio installation services or if you want to get light fixture services that can also help you with security services as well as anything else you may want in your new technologically advanced home. With control is beginning to be more used everyday with products such as the Amazons alleged Google assistant home so do not worry we can help you with any questions you may have about those.

So if you need any kind of audio or video help with the top home theater Columbus Ohio installers we can help! So do not worry about security either because we can help you with your light fixtures and alarm systems as well. To get in contact with us please call our Columbus Ohio office 61493942280 please visit our online website where you can look at all of our services at

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Next paragraph this content was written for custom automation technologies

We love you visit website about any questions that you may have for custom automation technologies. We have several different services and all of those can be visited on our services paid on a website. If you are in need of any kind of audio or video services which can include top home theater Columbus Ohio installations and can also include different kinds of sports bars or even media centers. We can also set you up with different kinds of audio speakers that can go throughout your entire house and can be controlled by your voice using our automation technologies system. By using technology like the Alexa by Amazon or even the Google home we can make your home a new and innovative Smart home.

We believe in nothing with it home motivated less stressful as we can possibly help you. That is why we don’t recommend any other products than what we use on our own homes which we installing your homes as well. That’s how well we used to be safe with our security systems and lighting systems as well as our automation and audio and video services as well. Don’t call us the top home theater comes Ohio installation system providers for nothing! In fact we are the vests home theater installation system providers in Columbus Ohio and wants you to contact us if you have any questions about our home theater systems. We can help you with all kinds of details including your project and type system or even your seating arrangements as well as your dimensions of your screen. Do not worry we can help you with all of it!

We have all of the technology or home needs in order for it to be the most innovative and amazing entertainment hub around the block or even in your neighborhood! Only your home be lame like ours once were and help us help you with your security and entertainment hub systems. As the top home theater comes Ohio installation service providers we would love for you to nothing more than contact us immediately so we can get in contact with you and talk about Oliver services that we can provide engagement is on and even provide you a consultation on. We would love to commence your home and help you with your designs as well as figure out what you want most in your home.

We also want your projects to be as cost-efficient as possible because we know that not everybody is megarich like many people with computers may seem. We know that many of us just don’t want to go to the movies anymore and don’t have the time and is once it home in peace without having to spend mega-amounts of money on tickets and popcorn and the ridiculous amount of price things that are going on with pop and water these days it’s crazy! We want you to sit in the coziness of your own home and get to sit back and relax and watch your TV or movie or play video games in your own spot because we know how much we all love to be in our own element.

So if you want in your own element please contact customer automation technologies where we can help you with your top home theater Columbus Ohio and provide you with the best home theater possible. We left provide you with any kind of security systems as well as lighting systems if you need. To don’t hesitate in contact with physical Columbus Ohio business phone number office at 614-939-4228 please go to our website checkout our about us and service pages can also write us a message on our contact us page about your project. Our website is please contact us now!