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We believe in providing our customers with the most up-to-date technology out there. That is why we have so many different kinds of services for you and your family and your home. We provide services such as audio and video services which we can help provide you with the top home theater of Columbus Ohio installers around and we can also provide you with different kinds of sound speakers systems and any other kind of media hub. We can provide you with sports bars, home theaters, which is dedicated watching movies as if you are in your own personal movie theater all without the hassle of having to dress up and go out and sit next to strangers and pay for expensive popcorn and ridiculously priced water bottles.

Does us some amazing to you? What does to me that is why everyone here at custom automation technologies has discounted technology in their own homes and we would provide our customers about any other kind of technology because we use what we provide on our own homes and we trust that so much. That is why they call as the top home theater clumps Ohio installers around. If you need a media room were maybe one or more casual space to enjoy TV and movies do not worry we can set your living room up or even your bedroom with a better media room and provide you with 5.1 speaker packages with universal remote. Was a universal remote? Well it’s remote that controls everything in your home and its media centers.

This one remote we want for you is to watch TV experience and for it to be enjoyable without having to hassle over all of your controllers which can be a complete hassle at all of the technology these days. You shouldn’t drugrunning to watch a movie or watch TV shows were play video games. We want you to have a great time while watching the game on Saturday or Sunday night and for you to be able to watch any kind of show you want on DVR or cable. The help set up that service at any point for you if you need it. With our one remote this can be used as a removal of frustration out of your TV experience we want you to enjoy a TV show or movie more than you would perform with all the hassle. Watching what you want is only one button press away using this universal remote. You can take all the other remotes out of the equation and put them in a drawer somewhere and not have to worry about them ever again. We can also help you install your top home theater comes Ohio service as well.

We can help even install a for you which provides more TVs for your experience. We can even provide three or more TVs with the ability to watch anything different on every TV. Using the system we can help you watch the latest sports games or even the news at a higher rate. The same thing at all TVs can be combined as well getting a better experience in a large screen use two screens is enough and you can upgrade to our video wall which we can use for TVs or even go up to nine TDs within display nine different shows to be combined to display one shelf at a very big space. You can contact us for anything including being the top home theater Columbus Ohio installers as well.

So if you want any of these new . technological upgrades for your home to hesitate in contact with us because we can help you with this problem. Getting contact with us through our Columbus Ohio phone number at 614-939-4228 what is their website where you can look all over services at

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This content was written for custom automation technologies

There is crazy amount of new technology in the world and we believe that here at custom automation technologies we Provide your home with that technology as well. With new innovations and voice control we can help your home become a new and improved smart home. Now this is really cool and we really love this new innovation. If you’re not careful we might even talk your ears off about this voice control system. Whether you want an apt to control your security system where you can control whether to lock your doors or on your security alarms it doesn’t matter you can do it all with your voice or with fake. Home automation system can help integrate some of all of your systems that we can provide in your home.

Booking assistance can we provide in your home? Will we can provide many different services such as lighting services, shade services, security services, camera and video services, we can even put smart locks on your gates garage doors and you can even control your thermostats, and we can help you with reports spa control services, audio speakers services, and video services. They don’t call us the top home theater Columbus Ohio installers for nothing! With control is not possible and we want to make sure that your home is as integrated and fully up-to-date and technology as it possibly can be.

We are reaching a whole new level of Star Trek technology and we can even call it as if it were 2001 space Odyssey level technology. We are getting closer and closer every day and we believe that with voice control and automating your technology all throughout your home you can reach a new level of integration within your home. With the Amazon Alexa and echo products were using the Google home products with control can be used for some very interesting and amazing purposes. There is in the examples of course commands that we can install in your automation service. You can watch your front door camera by talking to the TV and asking for Google home to show the camera of the front door. And that really interesting?

That said I should go home to the new creative futuristic design technologies. That is what we are here for at custom automation technologies. We provide the top home theater Columbus Ohio installation service as well and you want to create a home theater for your family on a budget and we are here to help. We can even help you with your budget and make sure that your new design and project is as cost-efficient as possible. Home automation allows the following to be possible. You can talk to your Amazon echo or go home and make sure that everything can be turned off and secured all throughout the night just by asking a simple voice commands.

If that sounds amazing to you and you want that in your home do not hesitate to pick up the phone and contact us right away at our Columbus Ohio phone number at 614-939-4228 we love to discuss with you are many home automation services as well as our video and audio services which include the top home theater Columbus Ohio technology. And if you want to look at any of our other services such as our audio and video services, automation services were even our security services do not hesitate to go online and look at all of our pages such as Arab about us page, our testimonials page and even our contact us page at