About Us

Our Mission

At Custom Automation Technologies we are on a mission to be recognized as one of Central Ohio’s leading custom installation companies. We will accomplish this through integrity and superior customer service.

Our customers are the reason that we exist!  By providing the finest design, installation, equipment and service for our customers, we have set ourselves apart from our competition.  Custom Automation Technologies is constantly staying on top of the latest trends and doing all of the research so that our customers don’t have to. We are so confident that we can bring the WOW! factor to every job that we are offering a pair of free movie tickets to a local IMAX movie theater just for the chance to sit down with you and discuss your next home theater or media room project.  It is truly our goal to help our clients enhance their homes to be more convenient, secure, energy efficient, easy to use, and just plain fun!

Our History

Custom Automation Technologies, Inc. (CAT) was started in November of 2001 by Dan Hoehnen. Prior to starting CAT, Dan worked for a local engineering company for 16 years, automating the paper making process in paper mills around the world.  

Dan’s deep interest in technology and automation started early in life, when his grandfather gave him a battery and a light bulb. Dan promptly took interest in the prospect of creating light with these tools and hooked them up to make the light turn on and since then he has been hooked on electronics. Dan was 5 at the time so it goes to show that he has been a lifelong enthusiast. As Dan grew older he started doing more and more fun little technical projects like putting motors on his Lego projects. Another example would be from when he was a teenager and he put a garage door opener on his closet door!  Be sure to ask Dan about this little project, it’s one of his favorite stories to tell!

Dan holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from The Ohio State University. He has built three homes in the Columbus, Ohio area since 1989, each with increasing levels of technology and automation to both hone his craft and ease his lifestyle.

Dan’s current home includes much of the technology that CAT regularly installs, so he and his family live with and use the same products as his customers. This is a point of pride for Dan as he only wants to supply the best quality and best functioning products on the market to his loyal clients. Dan has five children (all boys) and a moderately technology-challenged wife that serve as excellent testers for durability and ease of use for all of the products he sells.

Our Difference

Why do customers choose Custom Automation Technologies?  Dan and his team are always up front with clients about expectations, pricing, and realistic timelines for whatever project they are interested in. The proven processes that Custom Automation Technologies employs have been producing predictable results for years.  We pride ourselves on finishing our projects on predicted timelines and staying within the initially decided budget range, whether you are completing a major home theater installation or remodel, or you are simply looking to reprogram your media room remote.

We ask the right questions and listen to you!  We will inform you of current technologies and products, of which you may not be aware, in order to help you decide on the right products and technologies for you.  We will understand the big picture and future plans so that what we do today will not need to be changed because of what you do tomorrow.

Finally, we are just fun to work with.  We are all friendly, even with your pets.  And, we will be sure to leave your home as clean as it was when we started.

Give us a call today and see how easy it is to work with us!  614-939-4228