Our security systems give you peace of mind, with the option of being fully integrated with your automation system meaning that once we have done our thing, you will be able to manage and monitor the entire system from your cell phone!

Our Systems

We offer several security systems. Which one is right for you depends on your home, your lifestyle, and your security needs. We will ask you the right questions so that we can design and install a system that is perfect for you and your family. Our systems can not only monitor doors, windows and motion, but we can also install glass break detectors, water detectors and smoke, carbon monoxide, and heat detectors.

We install industry standard and UL listed security systems meaning that the systems that we use are reliable and well tested. These systems can be used with or without a monitoring company. If you decide to have your system monitored, you can choose your own monitoring company or we can provide monitoring for a very reasonable monthly fee. Many times our clients opt to use our monitoring service. One major benefit of using our monitoring services is that we go month to month – so there is no contract and you can cancel any time without a penalty or fee which is something that differentiates us from the larger national brands.

If you don’t want the system monitored, then it can just make a lot of noise, and/or send you a text message or email in the event of a burglary, or a fire starts or a gas leak occurs or even if you have a major pipe burst and your home is flooding. With our system you will always be informed about the state of your home.

Some benefits of integrating security and automation are:

  • The ability to control Security and even Non-Security lights and lighting systems inside and / or outside the house can be turned on and/or flashed in the event of an alarm.
  • Light deter prowlers and flashing lights help attract attention to your home from neighbors and the authorities.

Arming the system to NIGHT mode can automatically get the entire house ready for bedtime. For added convenience ask about installing voice control for these features: for example:

  • Turning off all the lights in the basement and on the first floor at the same time.
  • Performing a check to see if the garage doors are closed and notifying you if they are not, in which case you could even set the system to close them automatically.

Finally, you can have the automation system turn off power to various audio / video devices that may be on at the time, such as the whole-house audio system or the TVs on multiple floors.

While in NIGHT mode, we can set up a series of indoor motion detectors that can be used for automation purposes, such as turning on lights to a dimmed level in the kitchen if someone gets up in the middle of the night for a glass of juice!

While armed to AWAY mode the system can give your house a lived-in look by turning on and off various lights once it is after sunset to dissuade any burglars from forcing you to bear arms. This pattern can be varied randomly from day to day so that someone watching the house will never see the same pattern of lighting. We make the home smarter than the robbers!

The security system can send you a text message or email, in addition to calling the monitoring company if needed, for any event that occurs so that you are always in the know with the state of your home.

You can open the security system application on your phone and check the status of your security system, see if the garage doors are closed, close them if they are open, see if any doors or windows are open, arm or disarm the system, and view the event log to see the most recent security related events.

All of this can be done with the control of voice commands or even be automatic with motion sensors! Just let us know what level of convenience you want and we can make it happen!


Our camera systems only use HD cameras – 1080p or better. Our typical camera system will have from 4 to 16 HD cameras, and use cameras that are color by day and black & white at night with IR illumination. All of the cameras are recorded, either constantly, or only when they detect motion. Recording is done on a local DVR/NVR. Recordings are kept from 2 weeks to 2 months or longer. A free app can be used on Apple or Android mobile devices to view live video or to playback recorded video.

There are no monthly charges for this type of system.

  • Do you have an existing camera system that needs to be upgraded? No problem. There are new HD cameras that use the existing wires from your old analog camera system. You won’t believe the improvement in picture quality!

Additional features that are available:

  • Ability to view the cameras on 1 or more TVs in the house.
  • Pan / Tilt / Zoom (PTZ) cameras – these cameras can be aimed and zoomed in/out from the app.
  • License plate camera – this is a special camera that will “see” the license plate during day or night conditions.
  • Ultra low light color camera – this type of camera can still provide a color image even when there is almost no light available.
  • Cloud recording – this type of camera records to the cloud instead of to a local DVR/NVR. There is usually a monthly fee associated with this type of recording.
  • On-site backup recording – this option provides a secondary recording location for backup and security purposes.
  • Audio options – some cameras can record audio, and some cameras can provide 2-way audio, allowing you to listen and talk to someone near the camera.
  • Ability to add wireless cameras for use as a baby monitor, nanny cam, pet cam, etc.

Features not included:

  • The CSI feature – You will NOT be able to zoom in on a reflection of someone’s face in a car window from a camera that is 200ft away and then apply the “pixel clean up” algorithm in order to get a perfect image of their face.